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Don't Neglect Your Clay Tennis Court -- The Key Tool You Need For Proper Maintenance

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Clay tennis courts — also called Har-Tru courts — are great for any serious tennis enthusiast. Not only are they attractive and easier on the body, but they require minimal maintenance overall. Though they are known as clay courts, the surface is actually made up of ground and crushed stone.

Clay courts are set up the same as every other court, with baselines, singles lines, and doubles lines securely adhered to the ground to prevent erasure or movement from the loose surface material. Fences can also be installed to contain the ball and provide security to the property. While there are benefits that make it stand out from other court surfacing, such as it’s the ability to mitigate injury and to dry faster after rain showers,, these courts are perfect for players of all levels.

Taking Care of Your Clay Tennis Court

If you have or are planning on installing a clay court, one of the most important things to know is how to perform general maintenance. While this type of court can be easier to service overall, it does have some unique requirements that you should know about to ensure player safety.

Tennis Court Cleanup: Drag Mats for Sale

Clay tennis court drag mats are one of the key tools you’ll need to maintain your court. If you don’t have one, you can usually find drag mats for sale at tennis court supply stores. These mats are used to remove rocks, stones, dirt, and other small debris from the court’s surface. If debris like this is left for too long it can create uneven areas that make playing dangerous. For example, even a slight divot, if stepped in wrong during a fast-paced match, can lead to falls, twisted ankles, or strained muscles. By eliminating the debris and leveling the court, you can help maintain a safe, even play space. Removing debris from a tennis court is one of the most important ways you can keep the area looking neat and well taken care of.

Cleaning for Appearances

Somethings like berries and animal droppings can stain the surface of the court if not removed. This happens because of the oils that can seep into the surface and become absorbed. Drag mats can easily remove these items as well, all you need to do is drag the mat across the surface of the court and remove everything it picks up. It’s important to stay on top of this cleaning to preserve your court for as long as possible.

How Often Should You Clean Your Court?

Once you find drag mats for sale and bring one home, the real question is how often to use it. The frequency of cleaning will depend on how often the court is used and the amount of debris that can enter it. Additionally, you don’t have to be playing a game for the court to be used. Any time someone walks on it, eats near it, or just hangs out around it, there can be a chance for debris to make their way onto the court. This is especially true if you have younger kids who enjoy fooling around or riding bikes on it. Changing seasons will also affect the frequency of cleanings. Blown leaves and melting snow can all release debris onto the surface which will then need to be cleaned away.

Clay tennis courts are some of the best you can play on; however, to keep them looking their best you need some key tools.You can find drag mats online at websites like All Star Tennis Courts. A key piece of equipment to hel keep your surface looking wonderful for years to come. Additionally, they will help smooth the surface to keep the space safer for players.

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