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3 Surprising Tennis Essentials for Training with Kids

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easily collect tennis balls

Children and tennis go together like bread and butter. Playing a court sport like tennis provides children the chance to challenge their bodies while learning great life lessons about perseverance and sportsmanship. These benefits and more lead parents all over the country to enroll their kiddos in tennis lessons each year.

Proud tennis parents and coaches know the importance of quality tennis gear. Buying the right equipment helps young athletes grow, and it even helps adults stay more organized.

If you're a parent of tennis kids, or even a children's tennis coach, here are a few great pieces of equipment that will make your role as supporter and instructor much easier:

Keep Things Fair with a Score Counter

Obviously, you'll need child-size tennis balls and racquets. But what about other, less conventional gear? To teach kids the rules of the game and to prevent arguments, a score counter is a must. Whether you're a parent or a coach, keeping a portable score counter can help you monitor practice games and drills, and can help kids understand their own progress.

Help Teach Accuracy with Target Trainers

To help your kids or your team focus, target trainers can be an extremely helpful tool. These devices weave through the net to indicate where children should aim serves, first volleys, and service returns. Invaluable as a teaching aid, and easy to store, no tennis training equipment is complete without target trainers.

Easily Collect Tennis Balls with Tennis Ball Retrievers

Kids are great athletes, but not necessarily great at cleaning up after themselves. If you're a parent or a coach, you'll need a method to easily collect tennis balls strewn across the court. Try tennis ball retrievers, which do the scooping and storing for you. Tennis ball hoppers save your back from bending and collecting hundreds of balls every day, and encourage kids to help with fun cleanup tools.

According to the latest research by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), in recent years, tennis participation has risen roughly 1% to 17.9 million players. Childhood participation is especially important for keeping this sport alive and thriving for future generations. With tennis training accessories like those listed above, parents and coaches alike can keep kids coming back year after year for more tennis fun.

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