Drag Brushes

Tennis Court Drag Brushes

The 7’ drag broom is a basic piece of equipment for every Har-Tru tennis court. We make sure our tennis court brushes are easy to use for everyone, so you can use fine or coarse bristles to groom your court quickly and easily after you’ve finished playing each day. These clay court brushes are available in a handle or tow model, meaning can push or pull, whichever you prefer. Either way, you’re sure to leave your tennis court in perfect playing condition by using your tennis court drag brush. 

Har-Tru’s 7’ tennis court drag broom is made to last, with easily replaceable brushes and a sturdy frame. Call us today for more information about our clay court drag bushes.


Need to groom your Har-Tru court at the end of the day? A 7’ tennis court brushes fit the bill. In fact, Har-Tru’s is the best tennis court drag brush on the market. Need to agitate a hard-packed surface? You need the steel bristle tennis court broom. Lots of low and high spots on your playing surface? The 7’ tennis court drag brush is to the rescue. Rain, wind, and players make a soft tennis court surface a mess. That’s why a drag broom is needed for proper tennis court maintenance.

Need help selecting your drag brush? Call us at All Star Tennis Courts today!