Tennis Court Drying Equipment

Not Just for Tennis Courts - Remove that water!

Need help with tennis court water removal for your hard tennis courts or clay tennis courts? Do you need any easy way to dry your baseball field or carport? All Star Tennis has all the equipment you need to push or pull your water away. Our tennis court drying equipment will leave your court dry, free from puddles, and ready to be played on again in no time at all. From the very basic and very popular Rol Dri to the amazing Super Sopper and other tennis court squeegees, your standing water doesn't have a chance. 

And, yes, you can use even use our tennis court squeegees to push water out of your house if the unthinkable happens. 

For more information on the tennis court drying equipment and tennis court squeegees we have at All Star Tennis Courts, get in touch with us today. With our products, tennis court water removal has never been easier.