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Sports Trash Cans

When you think of premium sporting goods, you probably think of tennis nets, rackets, and world-famous shoe brands. Your mind probably doesn’t stir with images of high-quality receptacles to house the trash that finds its way onto your courts. But truthfully, keeping your courts clean and pristine is imperative to successful, distraction-free matches every time. So if you’re in the market for some sleek tennis court trash cans, then rest assured that All Star Tennis has just what you need!

Our top-tier sports trash cans come in your choice of black or forest green, with a modest design that blends well with any court. Their easy-open front-facing doors make it easy for anyone to toss trash of any size—and in a way that mitigates mess and keeps things discreet.

Don’t underestimate the power of top-tier sports trash cans! Shop our beautiful selection, and clean up your courts today.

  • Courtserve CourtCan Courtserve CourtCan

    Courtserve CourtCan

    The CourtCan conveniently collects and separates balls from trash. Dimensions: 43" high; 21" wide; 15' deep. Holds up to 50 balls. Uses standard 40 gallon trash bags. Comes in Green or Black. OVER SIZED: Shipping has extra charges for size of item...