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3 Essential Tennis Training Aids To Improve Accuracy

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If you're any kind of athlete, you know that constant improvement is essential to sustaining your love for the sport. Without challenging yourself to develop new skills, soon, your sport will become more of a hobby.

Tennis is no exception. With a game like tennis, attention to detail and improvements to strategy can make or break a great player.

If you're a tennis player, train smart by using the proper training gear. Here are three excellent pieces of tennis equipment that can improve your accuracy and enhance your overall gameplay.

Fence-Trainer Serving Guide

Starting a match with an accurate and powerful serve puts the game in your favor. A bad serve, however, can quickly cost you the game. Focus your serving practice routine with a fence trainer. These devices attach to the fence surrounding the court and feature a suspended-ball tennis training aid. The height of the device can be adjusted to each player's individual serving style. Serving guides help athletes focus on swing, wrist movement, and extension, while also saving time by eliminating the need to fetch balls. For a more accurate serve, fence trainers are essential.

Tennis Ball Machine

A tennis ball machine is an extremely effective piece of training equipment, and tons of fun to practice with. The device can shoot tennis balls at varying speeds, heights, spins, and angles, allowing adjustments for an athlete's ability and training needs. These devices are excellent for the pure repetition good practice requires. Simply load the machine with balls, and get to work!

Target Trainers

Simply hitting tennis balls over tennis nets is rarely an effective training method. For accuracy, athletes need to know where to aim volleys and serves. Net targets bring focus to an accuracy training session. Tennis nets should be attached to two side posts at the height of 3.5 feet (1.07 meters), and target trainers add additional three-foot window shape over the net. To train with this target, athletes try to send the ball through the open space created by the target trainer. Target trainers are lightweight, adjustable, and easy to store, making them a convenient and effective training tool.

With the proper gear, you can train to improve your tennis game and have fun in the process. Whether you want to improve your returns, serves, or accuracy in general, try these three training tools to become a better athlete.

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