3 Items Your Tennis Court Needs

19th Jun 2019

tennis court benches for sale

Opening a tennis court is a wonderful idea for a variety of reasons. Whether you're adding one to a living community you own or building one at a local park, they offer fun and physical activity to the people of your city. However, you might want to consider going above and beyond to make your court more enjoyable. Being able to play tennis with a friend is great, but people also want to be able to practice or hold tournaments. There are some items that you should consider investing in to make your tennis court a better experience.

1. Outdoor Benches

Benches are always a great option in areas where physical activity takes place. People like a place to sit and take a break after exerting themselves. It also allows for groups to come to your tennis court and hold small tournaments. Those who are waiting for their turn can sit on the benches and observe the game until it's their time to join in. In public spaces, it gives people somewhere to set their tennis bags or water bottles while they play.

2. Coaching Tools

Another great way to bring people to your court is to provide coaching tools. Hopper carts to store spare balls, training racquets, and tennis targets are all great options. This will give people who are new to the sport a place to train and will help to create more tennis lovers in your community. It will also draw the attention of coaches who want a public place to train new players.

3. Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining the appearance and well being of your court is an important part of owning a court. For your Har-Tru court, you will need to have specialized tennis court rollers and spare clay court material in case repairs are needed. Line brooms and scrubs are also good things to have on hand to keep your lines clean between play.

Tennis courts are a great addition for any community, especially when they are well stocked and maintained. It helps keep people fit, burning roughly 169 calories in a half hour for women, and 208 calories for men. It also gives people a place to gather and participate in a safe pastime. All Star Tennis Courts have a nice selection of tennis court benches and maintenance supplies for sale in order to create a tennis court you and your community can be proud of.