3 Tips for Choosing the Right Tennis Court Windscreen

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Tennis Court Windscreen

Posted by All Star Tennis Supply on 19th Oct 2023

Playing tennis outdoors is a lot of fun. You can get in a great workout while enjoying the wonders of nature. However, you can always get a windscreen if you would rather not play tennis in windy conditions. A windscreen is a great way to limit the impact of severe wind on your game and enhance your outdoor tennis experience. Here are three tips for choosing the right tennis court windscreen for your court or tennis facility.

Choose the Right Windscreen for Your Needs

When selecting your tennis court equipment, finding the right windscreen that suits your needs is important. There are two primary types of tennis windscreens: mesh and solid.

With a mesh windscreen, you can block out most dirt, debris, and wind that attempts to enter your playing area. However, you’ll still experience some air movement on the court, helping you stay cool while playing during the summer season.

With a solid windscreen, you’ll have more protection from elements like rain or wind. However, the lack of air movement could prove tricky when playing tennis during the hotter months. The type of windscreen you choose will depend on the climate in your area and how often you play tennis.

Find the Perfect Material

Finding the perfect material for your tennis windscreen is also an essential task. Most people have tennis windscreens made from either polypropylene or polyethylene materials.

Polypropylene is a cheaper material primarily used to stop strong wind from entering the court. Polyethylene is more expensive than polypropylene and does a better job of reflecting sunlight and humidity.

The material you select for your tennis windscreen will depend on your playing needs and budget size. You can always consult a tennis supply company when choosing the material for your tennis windscreen.

Take Accurate Measurements

The size of your tennis court windscreen will determine how much coverage you receive when playing. Most tennis professionals suggest having a nine-foot windscreen for optimal coverage from the elements.

However, you should take accurate measurements of your playing area to determine the right size for your tennis windscreen. Further, the location of your tennis court will also play a factor in your windscreen size. Tennis courts near the water should have higher windscreens to protect players from intense winds.

Our three tips for choosing the right tennis court windscreen will help make your playing experience as pleasant as possible. The perfect tennis windscreen can help reduce wind speed and stop debris from entering the court. It can also increase the value of your tennis court and give it a professional, polished look.

Purchase Top Quality Tennis Equipment

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