4 Accessories You Need to Help Keep Your Tennis Court Clean

31st Jul 2018

tennis calorie burn

Playing on a tennis court is not only extremely fun, it's also great exercise. What isn't fun, though, is having a messy court. Try these tennis court cleanup accessories so your court is beautiful and clean at all times.

Hopper carts
This amazing accessory helps you clean up loose tennis balls. All you have to do is roll the cart around, and you can pick up loose tennis balls without even having to bend over. These carts are ideal for tennis clubs, schools, and even individual tennis players. You don't have to run and grab a ball every time you practice a serve, and you don't have to worry about tripping over those balls. Talk about tennis court cleaning made easy.

Trash baskets
Speaking of tripping hazards, what about that empty water bottle rolling all over the tennis court when the wind blows? Tennis is hard enough without having to dodge all of these obstacles. You can install these trash baskets right on either side of the net so players can discard any trash they might have while they play.

Court Cans
These court cans are much bigger than the trash baskets mentioned above. They are actually pretty much the size of the garbage cans you can find at public courts. You can get one for trash and one for recyclables so you don't have to find anything on your court that doesn't need to be there. Why do you need both court cans and trash baskets? Well, the trash baskets are for the small things, and they will need to be emptied. You can empty them into the court cans so you don't have to worry about critters getting into the trash baskets at night.

When it rains, it's hard to play on the court until it dries up. Well, not with a roller. This accessories acts kind of like a squeegee. All you have to do it walk along the court with it and roll the water off the court. No longer do you have to let a little weather rain on your parade.

A 30-minute recreational tennis match can burn around 169 calories for a woman and 208 calories for the average man. For superb  tennis court cleanup, try some of these accessories. Check out our inventory today to start cleaning less and playing more.