4 Tennis Training Aids For Every Beginner

24th May 2018

tennis players

Are you thinking about starting a new hobby, sport, or activity, but you're not sure what? Try tennis! If you are a tennis beginner, try these four tennis training aids so you can get in some quality practice and step up your game. 

Hopper Carts
Hopper carts are basically ball holders that you can wheel around the court. This is very helpful when you don't have pockets in your tennis shorts or skirt. You can have tennis balls at your disposal at all times so you can continuously practice your swing, serve, or return. It's also a great place to store your loose tennis balls, keeping tennis courts clean and free from tripping hazards while you're practicing. 

The Netzone is great for helping improve your aim. The Netzone blacks out the net so you can't see through it anymore. This means you're less likely to hit the ball straight into the net because it's easier to see the barrier it creates. Using these tennis training aids typically results in quickly learning to aiming and hitting the ball higher over the net so your shots clear every time.

Target Trainer
Target Trainers are other tennis training accessories that can help you get better at tennis. They almost look like a bigger version of a hockey or lacrosse goal, but there is no net. It creates a square target zone that pops up a few feet above the net. The goal is to hit the ball through the target zone. This tool helps you get better at aiming exactly where you want the ball to go.

Court Shapes Set
The court shapes set comes with yellow, red, and green colored targets that you can set right on the court. You want to line them up so you know where to stand, when the ball goes out of bounds, etc. You want to set the green targets in bounds so you know where you can stand and where the ball is still in play. The yellow targets should be set near or on the line, and the red targets should be set out of bounds. These help you get familiar with the boundaries of the court. 

Tennis participation rose about 1%, so it is now at 17.9 million players, according to the latest research by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA). If you're one of the many joining the great sport of tennis, try using these tennis training aids so you can one day be a great player.