5 Reasons Having a Tennis Court In Your Backyard Is Better Than Going to a Public Court

5th Jun 2018

If you're a tennis lover, then you have probably thought a few times about installing a tennis court in your very own yard. If you've been hesitant, read on. Here are some pretty convincing reasons why having a tennis court at your home is better than going to the public courts in town.

You get more exercise
Tennis is a great way to get quality exercise. When you have a tennis court and all necessary tennis court supplies in your backyard, you can get in that exercise whenever you have free time. You don't have to drive to the nearest public tennis court, so you will probably exercise more. You won't have to make special plans and make a day out of going to the park when you can play a quick match after dinner in your backyard. 

It adds value to your home
A tennis court can actually add value to your home. They are uncommon features that buyers love to see in houses they are looking at. Even if you're only planning on using your court for a few years, you will still get your money's worth when you put your home on the market. 

You don't have to worry about planning permission
Many projects and additions to your home need planning permission in order to complete, but tennis courts usually don't. So, that means you won't have to go through the time consuming and frustrating process of getting your plans approved. 

You look prestigious
Not only do tennis courts help you stay in shape, but they help you look prestigious too. All your friends and family will be impressed by the new addition to your home. You can even become the social hub of the neighborhood with your tennis court.

They're customizeable
Home tennis courts can be built to any size, layout, and color. You can also pick what you want the court surface to be made of. You then can add all the tennis court supplies you want, like hopper carts, tennis benches, tennis ball retrievers, and more. You don't get all that when you go to the public town tennis court. 

Women can burn up to 169 calories in 30 minutes of fun, recreational tennis, and men can burn up to 208 calories in the same 30 minute period. Having a tennis court and all the required tennis court supplies at home helps you exercise more, adds value to your home, and makes you look prestigious. Home tennis courts are easy to plan, and they're customizable. Give us a call today to learn more about installing a tennis court at your home.