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5 Tennis Court Accessories You Need For the Court at Your School

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If you work at a school, you know how important it is for the students to engage in physical activity during the day. This is a large reason why schools have sports teams, soccer fields, baseball fields, and tennis courts. Check out some of these awesome tennis accessories that you can add to your school's court.

Tennis court message boards
Tennis court message boards give you the perfect means of communication for anyone who uses the tennis court at your school. Without it, it can be difficult to give notifications, schedule updates, and other communications with the students as well as the community. Most schools allow the public to access their courts, and it's near impossible to communicate with everyone who plans to use it without tennis court message boards.

Tennis racquet carts
A tennis court at a school gets a lot of use, particularly from gym classes. Most often, the school will provide tennis racquets for the students, and you're going to need somewhere to keep them. The easiest way to conduct a tennis match for gym class is to set out the cart, allow students to take racquets from the cart at the start of class, and then have all the students put them back when they're done. Then you don't have to worry about losing racquets.

Hopper carts
During gym class, tennis practice, or whenever else the students are using your tennis courts, there are going to be a lot of tennis balls flying around. When you have dozens of kids on the court at once, those loose balls become a safety hazard. Hopper carts will save you a ton of time from having to walk around and pick up each ball one by one, and it will also create a safer environment on your courts.

Trash baskets
As great as the students are, they can be messy. Maybe they came from study hall right before they went to the court, and they have snack wrappers with them. Or maybe they need to spit out their gum before they start a match. Either way, having trash baskets on the court will help keep it clean. After all, no one likes finding chewed gum on the bottom on their sneakers.

Umpire chairs
During the tennis matches you host at the school, your school's team should have umpire chairs to provide the umpire with comfortable seating. They also allow the judges to view plays at higher vantage points so their calls are more accurate.

Tennis participation has risen roughly 1% to 17.9 million players, according to the latest research by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA). For all the up and coming tennis stars at your school, get yourself some of these great tennis court accessories.