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6 Tips to Consider When Buying Tennis Court Dividers

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When you want to start neighborhood tennis courts, there are several on-court off-court brand tennis equipment that you need to have. Some of the accessories that you need to have include drag mats, court markers, hoppers carts, and rollers, among others. However, when you are starting several tennis courts close to one another, you need tennis court dividers.

What are tennis court dividers?

Tennis court dividers are nets designed to create a physical boundary between several tennis courts. The act of dividing several tennis courts using tennis court dividers can be called fencing. We will refer to it as netting or divider netting for this article There are two purposes of netting which include containing the ball within the playing area and providing security against stray tennis balls from nearby courts.

Therefore, the roles of tennis court dividers cannot be underestimated; especially in neighborhood tennis fields where there are several tennis courts. If you want to purchase tennis court dividers to create fences, here are some of the few factors that you need to put into consideration.

1. Mesh Size

Mesh size should be the first consideration when you are buying tennis court dividers. The knotted square mesh should be small enough to prevent the tennis ball from passing through. As you will see, some netting have large squares which means the balls would slip right through. Nevertheless, you should avoid a netting with very small squares because it will obstruct the audience from watching a tennis match.

2. Bottom Skirt Styles

Netting can hang from the ceiling and touch the ground so that they can prevent the tennis ball from rolling into other tennis courts. However, because the net has to touch the ground, it creates a point of weakness where the net wears out. To increase the life of the netting, you can get a divider that has a Velcro attached vinyl skirt. The vinyl skirt wears and tears at a much slower rate. When it wears out, just replace the skirt. Saves you money and the time of rehanging new netting.

3. Installation Kits

Installation kits containing steel cable, S hooks or C snaps and a turnbuckle are available as a package. You can purchase these items separately but will find that the price is substantially higher than purchase a pre made kit. Ask if instructions are included with your kit when you buy.

4. Indoor Outdoor Dividers

Tennis court dividers are either for outdoor or indoor purposes. Therefore, you have to be categorical on which type of dividers you are looking to purchase. In most cases, outdoor tennis court dividers are resistant to weather damage. They will withstand extreme temperatures and rainwater. Outdoor dividing nets are also likely to cost more than indoor nets because of the added durability property.

5. Border Type

Rope border or Hemmed and Grommeted? It is a personal choice. Most companies will offer both for custom cut netting with the option of both. The pricing is usually the same. If the netting is pre-cut, the border will be whatever the manufacturer has chosen.

6. Quality vs. Cost

The quality of the tennis court dividing net will depend on the thickness of the cord and what treatments have been applied to the netting during or after manufacturing. These are some of the major factors that you need to consider when you are buying tennis court fencing nets. With these factors under consideration, you will get quality nets that will serve you for a long time. Are you looking for tennis court dividers and other tennis court accessories? Contact a reliable supplier like All Star Tennis Supply for all tennis court accessories and equipment.