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Gearing Up to Teach Tennis Means More Than Stocking Up On Loose Tennis Balls

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Maybe you have an itch to give back to the sport of tennis and teach others how to play. Or maybe you want to teach your kids to love the sport you love. Or perhaps your recreation center or tennis club wants to start a youth tennis program. Whatever your motivation, you want to teach tennis and need tennis teaching equipment and supplies. Here are five suggestions for tennis instructors and coaches who need to gear up to teach tennis:

OnCourt OffCourt Equipment

If you haven't heard of OnCourt OffCourt brand tennis equipment, OnCourt OffCourt is a company founded in 1994 that focuses on tennis training aids and tennis training accessories. While many of their tennis training aids are directed to self-help, OnCourt OffCourt does supply some coaching and teaching aids that are worth checking out. OnCourt OffCourt also makes buckets of loose tennis balls for the United States Tennis Association's 10 and Under Tennis program and QuickStart Tennis leagues. USTA's 10 and Under Tennis and QuickStart Tennis use less bouncy tennis balls and a smaller tennis court. For the youngest players, the court is 36 feet by 18 feet. For intermediate age players, the court is 60 feet by 21 feet for singles and 60 feet by 27 feet for doubles. This is much smaller than a standard tennis court, which is 78 feet in length, 27 feet between the singles sidelines, and 36 feet between the doubles sidelines.

Net and Court Targets

Training aids intended to improve accuracy include targets that can be attached to the net and targets that can be placed on the court surface. Net targets extend above the net to create an aiming window for the student. Not only does this train the student to clear the net, it can also be used to teach shot angles. Court targets are placed directly on the court surface and can be used to teach accuracy and touch.

Loose Tennis Balls

Instructors and coaches need a large enough supply of loose tennis balls to get through a class without wasting time picking up loose tennis balls. However, no tennis teacher relishes the idea of opening dozens of tennis ball cans. Loose tennis balls, like buckets of youth tennis balls or bags of regulation tennis balls, can save prep time and class time.

Tennis Ball Carts and Baskets

Tennis ball carts and baskets hold loose tennis balls. Ideally, tennis ball carts and baskets are large enough to hold enough loose tennis balls for an entire class, maneuverable enough to position the tennis ball cart or basket in different locations on the court, and small enough (or collapsible) to allow for easy storage or transportation of the tennis ball cart or basket.

Tennis Ball Retriever

Every tennis lesson ends with the instructor or students picking up loose tennis balls. Many tennis ball hoppers perform dual functions as both a tennis ball basket and tennis ball retriever. Other devices, such as ball tubes, have a more limited capacity and would typically be emptied into a tennis ball cart or basket rather than storing the tennis balls inside the ball tube.


There are many options available for training aids for tennis clubs, recreation centers and municipal parks, and home use. These training aids range from those intended to teach skills to those intended to help the tennis instructor or coach focus on teaching rather than shagging balls.