How Pickleball Ignited Turf Wars Among the Boomers

How Pickleball Ignited Turf Wars Among the Boomers

19th Oct 2023

Over the past several years, pickleball has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation. The sport’s rising popularity has created a boom in pickleball court construction. However, the demand to play pickleball still far outweighs the number of courts available. Even in major cities, people report having trouble finding places to play the game.

The lack of supply has fostered a tense environment where players must compete for limited recreational space. The boomer generation, the fastest-growing demographic for pickleball, has become particularly feisty and territorial over access to pickleball courts. Continue reading to discover how pickleball ignited turf wars among the boomers.

Increased Competition Among Boomers

The demand for pickleball courts vastly outweighs the current level of supply. Boomers in major cities across the nation have a hard time finding places to play. When they find a pickleball court near them, they often must wait hours for playing time. Naturally, this can create a competitive and hostile environment among players, especially older generations, where pickleball popularity has spiked the most.

A Battle for Community Resources

When discussing how pickleball ignited turf wars among the boomers, we cannot forget the battle for community resources raging nationwide. Players who cannot find designated pickleball courts often make makeshift courts at community centers and local tennis facilities.

Additionally, older pickleball players have moved indoors and overtaken local recreational facilities in areas where snow covers the ground for months. This move angers people who feel pickleball playing has infringed on their own desired activities. If you want to play basketball at your local community center and find a makeshift pickleball court instead, you may feel frustrated and angry at the intrusion.

An Uptick in Noise Complaints

Finally, increased pickleball activity among the boomer generation has resulted in an uptick in noise complaints from residents. While pickleball supplies are inexpensive to purchase compared to tennis equipment, the noise pickleball paddles generate far exceeds the noise of tennis rackets.

Many older residents living near newly constructed pickleball centers have filed complaints because of the loud and high-pitched noises invading their homes. As pickleball continues to gain popularity, you can expect complaints about the pickleball noise problem to increase significantly.

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