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How to Choose a Net For Your Tennis Court

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tennis court netsTennis courts are not all the same, and neither are their nets. Here is a basic guide to help you choose the net for your tennis court. 

Tennis court nets size

The size of your tennis net will depend on the size of your tennis court. Tennis court sets should be three feet, or 0.914 meters, outside of the court. So, if you have a singles court that measures 27 feet wide, the net should be 33 feet wide. So when you're measuring your court to figure out what size net you need, place to court markers outside of the court. The standard size for a net, though, is 42 feet long.

Net braid

There are two main ways  tennis court nets can be braided. The main reason for a braid rather than a twist is so the ball drops down closer to the net when the ball hits the net rather than rebounding off of it. You can get either a single braided net or a double braided net. With the single braid, it works better for a private court, like the one you might have at home. A double braid is doubled up on the top six rows of the net because there is where the tennis ball most often hits. This is better for a public court because it creates a strong netting and helps the net last longer when it's under high use.

Tennis court nets material

Tennis nets can be made out of a variety of materials, but the best are polyethylene and polyester. This is because these materials are more resistant to fading from UV radiation and other weathering effects. At the top of the net, there should be metal cable or cord that connects the net to the side posts. This cord or metal cable should then be covered with the white band.

Net posts

The side posts are what the net is attached to. They should be about three and a half feet tall, and the net sits at about three feet in the center. So this means you don't want to pull it so tight that it's completely level all the way across. The posts will be about six inches in diameter.

The net is one of the most important features of your tennis court because you can't really play the game without it. Make sure you do your research and measure out your court. For more information, contact us and we can help you pick our your net!