How to Measure for Tennis Court Windscreens

How to Measure for Tennis Court Windscreens

3rd Aug 2020

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Tennis court windscreens are useful for several reasons, such as their ability to combat wind and maintain consistent airflow in the court. They will also provide players a better backdrop for them to play against, making it easier to see serves, returns, and volleys. Plus, they provide your court with a professional, visually appealing design.

If you’re planning on installing a windscreen on your tennis court, you’re going to have to do some work beforehand. Don’t worry, it’s an easy process that shouldn’t take too long. Begin by printing out a diagram of your tennis court. This diagram is what you’ll use to mark your measurements on. Once you have a pen, diagram, and a measuring tape by your side, you’ll be ready to learn how to measure for tennis court windscreens.

Throughout each section of the fence, measure the distances between tension bars. While you do this, make sure there’s no slack in the measuring tape. A good way to get rid of that is by measuring the fence along the ground instead of along the surface of the fence itself. If the measuring tape has slack in it, you won’t get the right measurements for the windscreen. Don’t worry about measuring end posts because the windscreens won’t be covering them.

Once you have those fence measurements, take one inch off from that number. When it comes to measuring height, start at one link away from the bottom and measure the distance until you end up one chain link down from the top. Make sure to finalize all of these measurements on your diagram. If you’re planning on putting windscreens on gates and transoms, then take measurements using the exact same methods and mark them accordingly on your diagram.

Now that you know how to measure for tennis court windscreens, you’re ready to gather the data and contact a tennis equipment supplier about finding a product to fit those dimensions. At All Star Tennis Supplies, we can provide you with a wide range of equipment, including rackets, nets, windscreens, and tennis court benches to make your court more comfortable and optimized for quality gameplay.