Polyurethane Tennis Benches vs. Aluminum Benches

Polyurethane Tennis Benches vs. Aluminum Benches

Posted by All Star Tennis Supply on 9th Aug 2023

Whether you’re a tennis player looking for the perfect spot to rest between matches or a court owner searching for benches that stand up to the elements, picking the ideal benches can be tricky. But don’t worry—we have all the information necessary to determine which type of bench best suits your requirements. This guide on polyurethane tennis benches vs. aluminum benches will provide everything you need to know before making your decision.

Polyurethane Tennis Benches

Polyurethane tennis benches are a great choice for tennis players looking for a comfortable and affordable seating option on their courts. These benches are made from a durable, synthetic material designed to withstand the rigors of regular outdoor use. While they may not be as long-lasting as aluminum benches, polyurethane tennis benches offer a level of comfort that you can’t beat. They’re also typically more affordable than other bench materials, making them a great choice for those on a budget. If you’re looking for a seating option that is both practical and comfortable, consider investing in a polyurethane tennis bench for your court.

Aluminum Tennis Benches

Aluminum tennis benches are a popular option among tennis court owners due to their durability and resistance to wear and tear. These benches are made out of high-quality aluminum, which gives them a longer lifespan compared to other materials like wood or plastic. Maintenance costs are also lower in the long run since aluminum requires less upkeep than other materials. However, aluminum benches do have some disadvantages, including getting hot in direct sunlight, which can be a major discomfort for players. They are also less comfortable than polyurethane benches, and more expensive. Despite these disadvantages, the aluminum bench is a great option for those who value durability and minimal maintenance costs.

The Differences

The primary differences between these two tennis bench materials lie in their durability, comfort, longevity, maintenance, and affordability. While polyurethane benches are more affordable and comfortable, they may not last as long as their aluminum counterparts. On the other hand, aluminum is more durable and will last longer but tends to come at a higher price point. So, how do you decide which bench is right for your tennis court? It ultimately depends on your budget and the specific needs of your court. If you’re looking for a long-lasting investment, aluminum may be the way to go. However, a polyurethane bench might be the best choice if you want a more comfortable and budget-friendly option.

Now that you know the differences between polyurethane and aluminum tennis benches, you can make the best selection for your court. Check out All Star Tennis Supply’s selection of tennis court benches today—we carry high-quality benches that will look perfect on the side of your court.