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Tennis Scorekeeping: The Best Tools & Tips For a Fair Match

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While you might not keep score when playing tennis with friends, when it comes to training or a scheduled match, accurate scorekeeping is essential. Without a reliable way to keep track of points, players and spectators alike can quickly become frustrated.

To keep scores accurately, a tennis court needs two things: good knowledge of tennis rules and regulations, and a reliable score tracker. Without the right tennis court equipment, tracking points during matches and training will be downright annoying.

If you manage a tennis court, be sure to foster an environment of fair play. Here are three tips for better tennis scorekeeping:

1. Know the Rules

If you are a tennis ref, linesman, or coach a tennis team, chances are, you already know the ins and outs of tennis regulations. However, it doesn't hurt to brush up on your scorekeeping knowledge from time to time. Consider keeping a rule book on hand so that you can look up the fine print in contested scenarios mid-match.

2. Keep Multiple Scorekeeping Tools For Training and Matches

When it comes to scoreboards and flip cards, one size does not fit all. Tennis training aids, like flip cards that can be secured to tennis nets, might make the most sense for small-group practice. However, larger flip displays might be better for helping spectators follow points from the sidelines. It's best to have a variety of options in your tennis equipment shed so that you're always prepared for different scorekeeping needs. Look for scoreboard accessories for sale online to complete your collection of tennis gear.

3. Keep Records of Past Scores to Track Progress

Scorekeeping is not only a tool for determining a winner and a loser during a match-- it's also a way to help athletes improve their game. When shopping for scoreboard accessories for sale, remember to look for record-keeping tools, especially if you're a coach. For example, a standard tennis scorekeeper book has room for 32 matches, as well as pages for tracking player and tournament stats.

Tennis is a great recreational pastime, and a great workout-- playing tennis for fun can burn about 169 calories in 30 minutes for a woman, and 208 calories for a man. However, if you're a dedicated tennis athlete, you're more likely to be counting points than counting calories. With these three scorekeeping tips, any tennis player, coach, or ref can better monitor the game for fair play and personal improvement.

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