The Advantages of Owning a Home Tennis Court

The Advantages of Owning a Home Tennis Court

15th Dec 2021

The Advantages of Owning a Home Tennis Court

A tennis court on your property might sound like an impossible luxury, but for frequent or competitive players, unlimited access to a court makes an incredible difference. Let’s explore some of the advantages of owning a home tennis court and why it’s worth considering for any avid player.

Year-Round Access

The most obvious benefit of a court in your building or backyard is the convenience. Clubs, recreational centers, and even parks have restrictions on when the court is open to play that may not always align with your schedule. And when using public courts, you must account for the schedules of players around you. You may not get the chance to practice on a busy day. Owning your own court ensures that you always have a place to go and you can hone your skills without interruption or club rules to worry about.

Customizable Court Setup

Some of the less obvious but most impactful advantages of owning a home tennis court include the customization options you have during its construction. Court surface type, net brand and setup, and fencing layout are all up to you as the homeowner. You can also add additional accessories to your court, like windscreens. The ability to customize allows you to create a unique court that either matches your personal preferences or meets the same standards as the tournaments for which you practice.

The Home Court Advantage

Players in any sport know the power of a home-court advantage. Familiarity with the court increases confidence as you play, allowing for a more fruitful game and, often, more matches won. There’s an undeniable fun factor of inviting guests to your home for a quick rally knowing you have that home-court advantage on your side.

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