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The Importance Of These 3 Lesser-Known Tennis Court Accessories

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tennis court trays

Tennis is a game of skill and control: you need to hit the ball at the exact right spot on your racquet, and with the exact amount of force needed, to ensure that it gets over the net but stays within the bounds of the court. If you're capable of doing that with exceptional consistency and speed, you're considered a master of the sport.

In the same way that people assume tennis is entirely about hitting a ball, they assume that only three things are needed to play: a tennis racquet, a tennis ball, and a tennis court net. While those are the most recognizable, they are far from all that's required. Though tennis benches, tennis ball hoppers, and court cleanup tools are all important, we're going to take a look at three pieces of lesser-known (or lesser-noticed) tennis equipment.

  • Tennis court trays: Unless you play tennis professionally and are currently on your way to a competition, odds are you have extra stuff in your possession. From purses to phones, keys, and sweatshirts, you certainly can't bring all those things onto the court with you. Most tennis courts force you to place them directly on the ground; playing after a rain or unpleasant day can leave a mark (literally) on your precious things. With tennis court trays, you'll have a dedicated area nearby and within reach to keep those personal, extra items.

  • Windscreens: Fences surround tennis courts to keep the balls from being shot into oblivion, and also to provide a little security for those on the court. They lessen distractions and the likelihood that someone will interrupt the game. With the addition of windscreens, they can prevent the wind from impacting gameplay; if you're competing, you don't want fate and a strong nor'easter to ruin your chances of winning.

  • Shoe cleaners: Clay courts are messy. The more you run, slide, and leap across the court, the more clay your shoes will pick up. Shoe cleaners stop you from tracking that clay across hither and yon, protecting your car as much as your home.

If your neighborhood court doesn't possess these extra tennis accessories, don't fret -- they're something to work for! Being able to use tennis court trays is an easily achievable goal, and one that could make an already enjoyable sport all the better.