What Kind of Information Needs to Be on Your Court's Tennis Message Board?

What Kind of Information Needs to Be on Your Court's Tennis Message Board?

15th Oct 2018

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Tennis court message boards can really come in handy when you have a court used by multiple groups of people. Tennis court message boards are typically used for  posting important information to anyone who uses the court. This important information includes things like: 

  • Rules of the facility: People from all over the town are going to be using your public tennis court, and you want to make sure they're informed of the rules at your facility. If you forbid things like skateboarding, loitering, littering, etc., that's something you can let the public know through your message board.

  • Facility news: If your tennis court or facility has any upcoming news, this is the place to post it for your patrons to see. For example, if there is any major maintenance or construction planned in the near future or your facility will be closed for a holiday, you can use your message board to communicate that information to the public.

  • Future events: If your tennis court is at a school or a town hall, you can tell your patrons about any upcoming tennis- or non-tennis-related events going on at the facility. Things like bingo night, fundraisers, homecoming, upcoming elections, sports registration due dates, and other important dates are great pieces of information to put on your message board.

  • Upcoming games: Chances are your court is being used by multiple groups of people. That means that everyone needs to be aware of the schedule for the court at all times. If you have any leagues or sports teams using your court, the public needs to know so that you don't have a family of four playing a match when the school team is ready to set up for their sectionals game.

  • Updates: Any other updates not mentioned above can also go on your tennis message board. Even if you want to tell your patrons what the weather is going to be like for the upcoming week, you can do that.

Playing tennis for 30 minutes can burn around 69 calories for the average woman and 208 calories for the average man. It's easy to see why a lot of people like to play tennis for its health benefits. But if your court's not organized, nobody will be able to get their sweat on there. Posting important information on your tennis court message board is essential if you want things to run smoothly.